About US

Originally started in 2014, Myghairwaves.com is a website/ blog dedicated to everything Radio and TV in Ghana. The website mainly publishes the activities of the personalities that occupy our airwaves, their programmes / shows and everything that surrounds these individuals and their media organizations.

The primary aim of Myghairwaves.com is to celebrate Ghana’s Radio and TV personalities and their work. Where they do well, the platform will be keen to acknowledge and highlight same in a bid to encourage them to do more. And where they do not do all that well, Myghairwaves.com will offer the needed criticism as a way of drawing their attention and making the airwaves a little more better.

Please do subscribe to this website/blog and come along with us. It will be fun, even as we learn and share ideas. It is all to the good of Radio and TV in Ghana and the personalities that make them thick😊.

Ok, do you like Socrates? We do: Enjoy our selection of best quotes from Socrates and let it be with you even as you browse through this blog….

Welcome to Myghairwaves.com – All about Gh Radio and TV