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“I don’t see myself moving to any other Local TV Station” – TV3’s Grace Hamoah Asare


TV3’s Grace Hamoah Asare was honored with a GIJ Eminence Award for being one of the fast-rising young journalists in Ghana. In an interview with your authoritative, she mentioned that even though she has always dream of becoming a television personality, the journey has always not been smooth.

TV3’s Midday News and News @10 newscaster has a lot to share when we caught up with her. Enjoy our chat below:

Laura: Welcome to Grace.

Grace: Thank you.

Laura: Can you tell us a little about your background, education, and career?

Grace: I am from the Eastern Region. I am the last of three siblings, in a family of five. I had my basic education at Wisdom of Wisdom’s School then to Wesley Grammar in Accra for my Senior High education. I proceeded to the Ghana Institute of Journalism to do my first degree. Currently, I’m pursuing a master’s degree in Media Management at the Ghana Institute of Journalism. I began my career as an intern at the Ghanaian Times, then to Peace FM for another internship, and then I proceeded to Group Nduom to render Voluntary Service after graduating from GIJ. I finally joined Media General (TV3) as a staff in 2016.

Laura: Grace and TV, how did it all begin?

Grace: I have always nurtured the dream of becoming a television person, from infancy. I used to watch all the programs that were hosted by children including “By The Fireside”, “Fun World”, and many more. When I was at GIJ, I was the P.R.O for a group dubbed “KETEKE”, which was a student-based newsletter. We were mostly into developmental journalism. So for our very first report, I was the chairperson for the committee that organized a trip to a village in the Central Region called “Otabelkurom”, a very remote village within the Region. We did a documentary on the happenings in the village when we returned and it caught the eye of the public. In fact, somebody came from Group Nduom to do an interview on CSR and humanitarianism and he was directed to come to me because of what we had gone to do, and also because for them I was the best person for the job. After the interview, he went back to report to his boss that there’s this girl at GIJ who is good and articulate. So I was invited to their morning show to talk about the documentary. After the interview, the editor told me that they really liked how I spoke and so they want me to come and do my National Service or Internship with them. I took up the offer, gave my best and that was when I met Mr. Alfred Ocansey, who recommended me to TV3 when he had the opportunity. I got interviewed for 3FM, read the news for a year, and then got transferred to TV3. For me, it has been God from day one and then my versatility and determination on any job.

Laura: You’ve been with TV3 for some years now, what has kept you with them?

Grace: I have not changed jobs since I joined TV3. I think that TV3 is currently the leading television station in Ghana, and I deem it a privilege to work with them. I’m learning so much because there are many great guys there with whom I share a great working space. So I want to be there for a while, build my capacity, do a lot of on-the-job training until such a time that I’ll probably feel the need for a change. But for now, I don’t see myself moving, unless of course I get poached by an international media organization(chuckles) like BBC, CNN, AlJazeera, etc then I will likely move. As for the local stations, I don’t see myself moving to any.


Laura: Any challenges so far in your line of work?

Grace: Challenges in the discharge of my duties, a lot of them. First off, simply because you are a female, there are things that people might deny you, and sometimes when you want some information you just won’t get it and all that. Also logistical challenges. Sometimes you get so tired and you feel like you just can’t do it. They come, but you need to tell yourself that you can do it, and surely you’ll be able to do it.

Laura: You were honored at the 4th edition of GIJ Eminence Award in 2019 and also won the Best Female Newscaster in Accra at the Foklex Media Awards, how did you feel and how did you achieve all that?

Grace: Honors at the Foklex Media Awards and GIJ Eminence awards, I was excited, really excited. You know, I hadn’t even heard of Foklex Awards before so when I heard that they had nominated me I was asking myself what it was all about, and then my colleague told me that they’re more in the other Regions than in Accra. So I was like “okay how did they get to know about me?” and I was told they were introducing it in Accra for the first time so they asked a few people, did their own study and observations and then, I don’t know, my name came up in the nomination and I mean, it felt good. You know, it was also coming at a time in my office where they were really looking out for people who had received awards. Those award schemes came at a time where a lot of media houses were laying off. So you needed to give a reason why your employers should maintain you.  I know it’s the grace of God that has kept me at TV3 and all I’m doing but, in a space where we were also looking at what’s happening in the “physical”, I think those two awards were very timely, they came at a time when I needed them the most.  As for the GIJ Eminence awards, I really appreciated that one a lot. Coming from my alma mater and being selected to be part of 30 people in the same category as Umaru Amadu Sanda of Citi FM and the others such as , Etornam Sey and all, I felt really, really good to be part of it and I’m grateful to God for it all.

Laura: Is there anyone on the love chat?

Grace: Well, there is a very precious, lucky, young man on the line and so we are working towards tying the knot very soon. I’m just praying to God so that COVID 19 will go away (laughs), so we can do what we want to do. So, yeah, I’m not single and I’m not married. There’s somebody on the line. Yeah, one cute, very ambitious, God-fearing and loving man. Yeah, That’s it!

Laura: What have been your experiences in the media so far?

Grace: I think the first thing is be ready for anything. Yes because I’m on the Business Desk at Media General. But now I can say that the stories I do are more of a social and human interest than business stories. It’s good if you specialize and say you want to report more in a specific area but you should also be ready to be all-round.

Laura: Grace, we appreciate you having us.

Grace: Thank you!

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