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Good Evening Ghana: Unprepared Paul Adom Otchere failed NIA during the interview with Elvis Afriyie Ankrah


Last night Elvis Afriyie Ankrah, Director of Elections of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) alleged that there are/were biases on the part of the National Identification Authority (NIA) in the way they conducted their mass registration exercise. He was a guest to Paul Adom Otchere on the popular Good Evening Ghana current affairs program on Metro TV.

Elvis was on the show to throw more light on the press conference organized by the NDC earlier in the day and to re-affirm their position on the reasons why they (NDC) believe the Electoral Commission (EC) and the NIA were in bed with the government to rig the forth coming elections for the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

One of the allegations which caught my attention was that NIA imported additional registration equipment just for Ashanti Region to ensure they could register more persons in that region. Upon further probe by Paul Adom Otchere, to know whether the same number of equipment was deployed to the subsequent regions, he said from Ashanti Region, the team moved to the Eastern Region with the enhanced equipment.

However, facts available from the NIA page on Facebook show that from Ashanti Region (December/January), the team moved to Western, Central and Western North with the same enhanced number of equipment. It was after Western, Central and Western North that they ended up at Eastern and had to put on hold due to the court cases and Covid-19.

In any case, the NIA has made it clear that they were going to open regional offices for people to visit their offices to register from mid-March (but obviously halted for now due to Covid-19). The NIA has its shortcomings, but it is my belief that we should all encourage and press upon the NIA to open district offices as soon as possible to give the opportunity to all who could not get registered during the mass registration periods.

Paul Adom Otchere could have done his programme and Ghanaians a greater good if he was more prepared with the facts to point Elvis’ untruths to him. Politicians are cunning and when interviewing them, hosts, even experienced ones like Paul Adom Otchere must always come very prepared. Now that the lies of Elvis Afriyie Ankrah on NIA have been exposed, I expect Paul to render an unqualified apology to his viewers on his next show (Tuesday), because obviously, Elvis will not be on Good Evening Ghana to do that himself.

Did you watch Good Evening Ghana yesterday? Please use the comment section below and let us know what your impressions are.

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