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Attack on Kidi: The Unprofessionalism of Accra FM’s Nana Romeo must be curtailed (Video)


On Thursday morning, Accra FM’s Nana Romeo disgraced and sacked highlife singer Dennis Nana Dwamena popularly known as Kidi from his Ayekoo Ayekoo Show on Accra FM. The host was peeved that the Odo hitmaker was 25 minutes late to his show. This happened on live Radio and was streamed live on Facebook as well. We at myghairwaves.com believe that the manner the host went about what transpired was unprofessional and very inappropriate. But we are not surprised, Nana Romeo is known for the childish ways he goes about his show, especially when it comes to handling his guests.


Kidi is on the move promoting his much talked about Blue EP so he jumped on an invitation from the producers of Ayekoo Ayekoo on Accra FM to push these new songs. He was billed to be interviewed on Thursday at 11am, however, he got to the studio around 11:25am. The host of the Show, Nana Romeo did not take kindly to the artiste showing up late, so he set him up and disgraced him, and then sacked him from the show. According to Nana Romeo, this is the second time Kidi was showing up late on his show.

We beg to differ!

We do not think anybody will fault Nana Romeo for getting angry with a guest for showing up late on his show. What we are up in arms with is the immature manner the host went about it. When he was informed that the musician has arrived at the Station, a professional host would have asked his producers to inform the guest that the interview has been canceled due to time constraints arising from him being late, without bringing the guest onto the show at all.


Again, before he even heard from Kidi, the host had already planned to disgrace and sack the former from the studio. That was not fair. Nana Romeo was in charge of the Show but when a guest respected you to make an appearance to enrich it, you have a responsibility to treat him or her with respect and utmost fairness. The guest deserved the benefit of the doubt. At least, he needed to be heard before “his judgment was reached” but that wasn’t the case with Nana Romeo, He passed his judgment before hearing the side of Kidi.

Also, even though Kidi was very remorseful and kept apologizing to the presenter and the listeners, Nana Romeo kept on attacking the young man. That was so humane on the part of the host and an insult to his listeners. His show could have been enriched for 30 minutes if he had behaved well and handled what transpired like an absolute professional.


Are we surprise?

Nana Romeo has the knack for behaving rudely towards his guests and heckling them on the Ayekoo Ayekoo Show and as such we see what happened on Thursday as very usual of himself. But could he have behaved the same way he did to Kidi if it were Shatta Wale or even Medikal he was billed to interview? We doubt.

Nana Romeo pf Accra FM

In June 2019, Nana Romeo interviewed Nana Aba Anamoah and among the questions he asked the renowned broadcaster was whether she would have love to date Sarkodie if the latter was not married. Nana Aba Anamoah made it known to him that his question was very stupid.

Again, in August 2019, Nana Romeo invited Funny Face to his show only to ask him whether Emmanuel Sheyi Adebayor, the former Arsenal and Manchester City striker was his gay partner. The Children’s President too took him to the cleaners for that unintelligent question. READ MORE HERE: After Nana Aba, Funny Face insults Accra FM’s Nana Romeo.

We are so sure that another musician would have responded to Nana Romeo in equal measure. Kidi was too humble for the rampaging Nana Romeo.

But the erring Nana Romeo must be called to order. Accra FM must check his unprofessionalism and the reckless manner he handles his Ayekoo Ayekoo. As a matter of urgency, Nana Romeo must be wisely counseled to render an unqualified apology to Kidi and his Management for the gross disrespect, disgrace, and total denigration of their brand.

Please this represents our opinion at myghairwaves.com. Kindly watch the video of what transpired between Nana Romeo and Kidi below and let us know what you think.


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