There is no toxic rivalry between Citi FM and Joy FM – Anny Osabutey


Citi FM/ Citi TV’s Richard Mensah is a year older today and has received many birthday messages from his well-wishers, both in Ghana and across the world. One such comment that drew the attention of many was from Anny Osabutey, formerly of Joy FM.

Anny mentioned in the comment he left on Facebook that he goes way back with Richard and also that during his days on at Joy FM, Richard was his go-to friend whenever he wanted any information regarding his work. The former broadcaster debunked the assertion held by many that the two leading radio stations in Ghana, CITI FM, and Joy FM were toxic rivals.

Happy birthday Richard Mensah

He further added that Richard would quickly put aside the seemingly corporate rivalry between the two stations and do all in his power to get him any lead or information in relation to any news item regardless of anything. He mentioned also that he doubts any of such toxic corporate relationship ever existed between the two stations.

“During my time at JOY FM as a reporter, Richard Mensah was one guy you can be certain will put aside the seemingly corporate rivalry and assist you in any shape or form, as and when it becomes necessary. I can’t forget the number of times after rather lengthy court cases we have both covered at the Supreme Court or any of the courts where the story is, Kakaalika, as we call him, will give me a lift to my office before making the u-turn to his office in Adabraka”.

“Even when we spot a unique story on their platform that hadn’t been aired on our network, I will reach out to him and without any hesitation, e-mail me the sound with a background story and we make it our own. He was that selfless. He never gave in to the perception of a rivalry or toxic relationship between staff from the two networks, because nothing of that sort existed and I am not sure it does exist. I remember once when we missed out on an important story and our newsroom badly wanted it, it was him I reached out to and he did all he could to give us the very details and contacts which helped us move the story forward” Anny wrote in a lengthy message to Richard.

Anny Osabutey in 2012

Anny Osabutey joined Joy FM in July 2011 and within a very short period, rose to a cult status among his colleagues and listeners. He won the 2012 CNN African Journalist of the Year with his documentary. “Squatters Paradise”. He left Joy FM in 2015 for further studies at the Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism. He is currently the Communication Manager of the National Petroleum Authority. joins Anny Osabutey and the world at large in celebrating Richard Mensah on his birth-date.

Please find Anny Osabutey’s post below:

What do you think about Anny’s comments? Will it put to bring to an end the “supposed rivalry” between Ghana’s leading English-speaking radio stations – Citi FM and Joy FM? Please share your views with us in the comments section below.

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