Musical Chairs at Joy FM: Can Kojo Yankson be the answer to Citi FM’s Competition?


Two years after losing his place on Joy FM’s Super Morning Show to Daniel Dadzie, can confirm that former host, Kojo Yankson has staged a surprise comeback. Even though the rumour mill was rife over the weekend that Kojo was returning to the Show, decided to be skeptical about it, for good reasons.

However, with Kojo hosting the Joy SMS on Monday and Tuesday, we can confirm that he has fully taken over the Show, once again. He will lead a team of three – including Witson Amoah and Animwaa Anim-Addo whose major target will be to help the SMS reclaim his past glory as number one in Accra. As it is now, they are behind the Citi Breakfast Show on Citi FM.

Kojo, also known as the Morning Man was re-assigned away from the SMS after he came under intense criticism for his reportage on a gas explosion in Atomic, Accra. In his report, Kojo Yankson had claimed that the source of the fire which resulted in the gas explosion was caused by a khebab vendor. A claim many did not agree with.


In the ensuing brouhaha, Kojo was re-assigned away from the Super Morning Show until his comeback yesterday.

Daniel Dadzie

Daniel Dadzie held himself remarkably well during his two-year ride on the Joy SMS. He began on a very bright note and steer the Super Morning Show to win the RTP Morning Show of the Year in 2018, himself winning the Radio Morning Show Host of the Year. However, recent competition from the team at the Citi Breakfast Show on Citi FM means Joy FM had to re-strategize to keep up. Daniel has since been re-assigned to Joy Prime, to champion the new branding efforts of the TV Station.

“I am excited about this new move. I can’t wait to be a part of the Joy Prime story. The team is excited and there’s a lot in store for viewers and you will love it,” Daniel said about his new role.

Your authoritative did an elaborate analytical comparison between Kojo Yankson and Daniel Dadzie in June 219, please read it here: Analysis between Kojo Yankson and Daniel Dadzie.

The question still lingers: can the returning Kojo Yankson lead the SMS to reclaim its past glory in the face of stiff competition being offered my Citi FM, Starr FM and the others? Our team is already monitoring the Super Morning Show on Joy to see how Kojo Yankson and his team will fare. We wish them well.


  1. Kojo has always been my favorite after Honorable Kojo Oppong Nkrumah.
    Kojo is a go-getter, he always wants results. He doesn’t mind traveling miles away just to dig deeper into issues to GET RESULTS.

    I wish him well

  2. Kojo has what it takes to beat Citi FM, remember before that reportage and the Mahama armed robber comment he has led in his first year, so he was not that bad

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