Asem Aba: KSM to drag Net 2’s guest to Court over rape comments


Multiple awards winner and celebrated host of Thank God Is Friday, Kwaku Sintim-Misa popularly known as KSM has hinted that he will drag Pastor Micheal to court over comments the latter made on The Seat Show on Monday, April 27th.

Speaking on the Show, the guest also known as Demon Breaker confessed that during his close association with Pastor Daniel Obinim, he was made to forcefully sleep with his own sister in order for him to become popular and successful as a Pastor in Ghana.

And KSM has taken offence with the comments of the Pastor and has hinted that he will drag him to court over it.

Find KSM’s tweet over the issue below:


Rape and incest are both illegal in Ghana, but we are not sure which of them KSM will taje the Demon Breaker on. We will be monitoring keenly.

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