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“We are making peace with all of you” Net 2 TV’s Kwaku Annan withdraws from a beef battle with Magraheb TV and Kevin Taylor

So popular vlogger Francis Oppong of Magraheb TV fame did an analysis of aspects of The Seat Show on Net 2 TV and concluded that the host of the show, Kwaku Annan was very incompetent.

In a reaction, Kwaku Annan issued a 48-hour ultimatum to Magraheb TV to either retract and apologise to him or face his wrath. He also took the chance to have a go at Kevin Taylor, host of “With All Due Respect” on Loud Silence Radio and TV.

Both Kevin Taylor and Magraheb didn’t let Kwaku Annan’s comment pass unanswered though. They both took time on their respective shows to respond to Kwaku Annan. READ MORE HEREKwaku Annan is a boy who does not deserve my time” – Kevin Taylor

However, contrary to the expectations of many that Kwaku Annan will have his heavy bite on his show on Monday evening, he rather used the opportunity to extend an olive branch to Kevin Taylor, Magraheb and all critics of the show. He noted that his show has so many viewers and followers, so he does not think it is the best to be distracted by the critical few.

“We have millions following us who love what we are doing. Do you think it is the best to leave them and get into a fight with the critical few? No, I wont do that. We don’t have any issue with anybody”

“We have focus. We have a specific role to play … we are making peace with all of you. Be happy and smile”, Kwaku Annan concluded.

Find the full video of The Seat Show on Monday below. (The comments above were made between the 25th and 27th minute, check it out if you can)


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