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“Net 2 TV’s Kwaku Annan is a boy who does not deserve my time” – Kevin Taylor (Video)

The host of “With All Due Respect” on Loud Silence Radio and TV ,Kevin Taylor has described the host of “The Seat” talk show on Net 2 Kwaku Annan as an infantile person who does not deserve his attention.

In a reaction to a video by popular vlogger Francis Oppong of Magraheb TV fame for his analysis of how he conducts himself on his show, Kwaku Annan digressed to cast aspersion on the US-based experienced journalist.

“I told you about Kevin Taylor. He tried to take a swipe in the United States … but by the time I was done with him, he was running all over America” Kweku Annan partly said in an audio warning he had issued to Francis Oppong.


And the articulated Kevin Taylor did not take the comments of the Net 2 host lightly. On an extended version of his show over the weekend, he took the time to react to Kwaku Annan’s comments about him. He described the host as someone who doesn’t know what he is about and as such doesn’t deserve his attention.

“I call him a boy because he doesn’t act like a man. No responsible man who has married and has children will sit on a National TV and accepts that he is a fool” Kevin noted.

Watch Kevin’s reaction in the video below:

Kwaku Annan came under intense criticisms for his conduct during an interview with the owner of his TV Station, Hn Kennedy Agyepong. In that live interview, the Assin Central MP heavily chastised the host Kwaku Annan and his production team for what he believed was not done right.

Watch the said interview below:

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