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GEG for Personal Scores: Paul Adom-Otchere promises to tear Manasseh Azure Awuni into shreds

Journalist and host of Good Evening Ghana on Metro TV Paul Adom-Otchere has promised to open a can of worms about renowned investigative journalist Manasseh Azure Awuni on his show later today as a reply to an allegation by Manasseh Azure Awuni that he ( Mr Adom-Otchere ) had lied about how he(Manasseh) had demanded money in the sum of $100,000 in order to kill a story.

In a Facebook exchange with Francis Kennedy Ocloo, Mr Adom-Otchere promised to give his side of the story and expose Mr Azure Awuni on several other things that Manasseh has hidden from the world.


“Tell your friend Manasseh, that he will get his reply on Tuesday [today] and the whole world will know what happened. All the facts he left out will be published. And the new things about him money from people “in my circles” during his book launch will also be told to the whole world. Tell him, be sure to tell him,” he wrote in reply to Mr Ocloo.

Mansseh Azuri Awuni

Mr Adom-Otchere came under severe criticism from sections of the Ghanaian public when he went ballistic on Dr Zanetor Agyemang-Rawlings claiming she had lied about relief food being shared on a partisan basis in her constituency of Klottey-Korle, where she is the Member of Parliament.

In the discussions about how Mr Adom-Otchere may have acted inappropriately in the past, including how he lied about Lawyer Nii Arday-Clegg and later apologized, Manasseh also shared a story about how Mr Adom-Otchere had lied about him to the effect that he ( Manasseh) had demanded money to kill a story, an exposé, on Zoomlion Company Limited.

After Mr Azure Awuni’s story got traction both on social media and mainstream media, Mr Adom-Otchere assured the world that Manasseh will be exposed today.


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