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TV3’s Giovani Caleb has two left feet, he can’t dance to save Africa from Covid-19 (Video)

From day one, TV3 has prided itself as “First in News, Best in Entertainment” and the Adesa We Tv station has on so many occasions lived up to its “accolades” in full. And yet again, on Showbiz 360 Show on Friday night with the comradely Giovanni Caleb, they once again proved why they are “...Best in Entertainment”

The Friday Entertainment Show hosted Nana Tafregya Pallbearers popularly known as “Dada Awu” Ghana’s dancing pallbearers in yet another exciting session. The group entered the studio of TV3 with aplomb, entertaining viewers with their near-perfect choreography dance moves.

Dada Awu has become popular across the world with their choreography dancing while carrying coffins at funerals.


However, it was the host the Show, Giovani Caleb who stole the headlines for the night. OMG, Giovani can’t dance! I mean his dancing skills are so bad that if that is what would save Africa from the ranging coronavirus, the entire continent will be on its knees by June.

Giovani Caleb doing his thing…

Giovanni began the Show with a dance to Edem’s hit song, “Toto”. He then joined the Dada Awu Pallbearers in their grand entry and continued showing his disjointed dance moves at different times during the show.

Watch some of Giovani’s dance moves below:

Giovani Caleb joined TV3/ 3FM in January 2019 from Starr FM/ EIB Network. He earlier had stints with YFM, Live FM and Radio Univers. He is a graduate of the University of Ghana.

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