Pants down: Adom TV caught stealing Chorkor Coronavirus story

It was in June 2015 that Citi FM’s Franklin Badu Jnr filed that excellent piece of journalism report from Agblogbloshi, in Accra, “we are all running for our dear lives”. That report tells the story of how reporters risk their lives to tell other people’s stories for the betterment of an entire nation.

It is therefore despicable and absolute wickedness when the Reporter’s work is used by other media houses without proper attribution. That is plain stealing!

Sadly, that is what Adom TV is being accused of doing to a story originally filed by ghanaweb on Sunday. And the most heartbreaking part of it all is that, Adom TV has been accused of blurring the logo of ghanaweb in the original story for their Morning Show on Monday. That is really bad!


Ghana is bracing itself for the worse in the ongoing fight against the coronavirus. Residents of Accra are being urged to practice social distancing in order not to contract the virus. Reporters are human beings too and they can contract the virus if they do not respect the social distancing call. But how would the stories be told if Reporters choose to stay at home too? They therefore risk their lives and that of their families to cover and report these stories for us.

The pain of Akosua Konadu Owusu, a News Editor at GhanaWeb as shared below from her facebook wall is therefore understandable.

If the call by Akosua Konadu Owusu above is correct, then Adom TV has goofed badly and the earlier they apologise for it, the best it will be for all.

No media house can cover all the important stories on their own. Once in a while, media houses may have to use stories filed by others in the course of their work. When that happens, the basic requirement is that, full credit is given to the source of the original story. Anything short of that is plain stealing and it is unacceptable.

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