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Tears in the Citi: Ghana gov’t halts Citi TV’s novel programme for Covid-19 (Report)

Citi FM and its baby platform Citi TV have curve a respectable niche among Ghanaians for themselves as being innovative, proactive and pragmatic. It therefore came as no surprise when the Adabraka-based media hub announced on Friday that they were rolling out an initiative of free bus rides for health workers in the Greater Accra Region in their efforts to help the country fight the outbreak of the raging coronavirus.

The Station and its managers were hailed by Ghanaians as many saw that the initiative will be a welcoming support for the daring health workers and inure positively to the benefit of all Ghanaians.

Some of the positive comments Ghanaians expressed towards the initiative were the following taken from social media platform Facebook:

To make good their promise, Citi TV went, negotiated with the Greater Accra Passenger Transport Executive (GAPTE), the managers of the Ayalolo Bus Service and paid the full amount needed for the services of four buses. By Sunday afternoon, Citi TV had branded all the four buses and developed an elaborate movement plan for the routes that the buses will ply.

However dreading the obvious backlash awaiting them should Citi TV roll out their innovation successfully, Government quickly instructed the Greater Accra Passenger Transport Executive (GAPTE) to cancel their agreement with Citi TV and refuse them the use of their already branded buses. In the stead, the President announced on Sunday evening that the Government of Ghana is making available 15 free buses for all health workers in the Greater Accra Region and the affected lockdown areas.

It will be worthy to note that the Ayalolo Buses halted their services during the outbreak of the coronavirus because they said they were making losses. An earlier suggestion by Citi FM/ Citi TV to government to attend to the Ayalolo buses, resolve their issues and to arrange free buses for health workers fell on death ears.

This forced Citi TV to step to contribute their widow’s mite in resolving this very critical challenge for the health workers and Ghanaians in general, only for the government to come back at the last minute to wreck their wonderful intentions, to the chagrin of all in the Citi.


The fight against the rampaging coronavirus is not a competition and the Government of Ghana must not be jittery at the sight of help from well-meaning Ghanains and organizations. For all the cost Citi TV has incurred branding the Ayalolo Buses, the Government must allow the branding to stay on the buses to demonstrate goodwill towards Citi TV and to encourage all other organizations too.

The authorities in charge of the free buses for health workers must find a way to collaborate with Citi FM/ Citi Tv to execute a faultless programme. We are in very critical situation in our attempt to win the war against the coronovirus, it is about time all productive minds who can contribute meaningfully in this fight are brought on board by the authorities. And sure, the guys at the Citi has shown that they have the ideas.

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