Creative: In the fight against Covid-19 Citi FM introduces Social-Distance Microphones

As the pangs of the novel Covid-19 wages on, many organizations and individuals are increasingly finding innovative yet safe ways to go about their normal duties without much hindrance.

The wearing of the medical nose and mouth masks as well as some innovative personal protective gears have taken over the lifestyles of many. With these, those who find it difficult to stay at home during the global lockdown are attending to their businesses with some assurance of safety from the rampaging coronavirus.

Accra-based Citi FM is known for its innovation and protectiveness and therefore, it came as no surprise for people when they noticed that, the Station has introduced “social-distant” microphones for its reporters.

To avoid close contact with their interviewees on the ground, reporters of Citi FM were spotted using a longer than usual microphones. It is apparent this was initiated to give respect to the Coronavirus protocol of a distance between two people if they have to come into contact at all.

As award-winning Citi FM newscaster and reporter Umaru Sanda Amadu puts it, “when the song changes, the dance must change”, and Citi FM is doing just that.

We commend the Station for not taking any chances at all with this Coronavirus scare.

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