Savage: Captain Smart tears Ghana’s Pastors into shreds over Covid-19 (Video)

Radio personality, Godsbrain Smart popularly known as Captain Smart has taken on Men of God in Ghana for their inability to foresee the global outbreak of the coronavirus which has resulted in the death of many across the World.

Speaking on his morning show at Adom FM on Thursday, Captain Smart questioned why the “31st Night Prophets” were not able to prophesize about the global pandemic and its devastating effects in Ghana and other countries around the globe.

“Ghana’s 31st prophets, are you not ashamed of yourselves? Didn’t God reveal to you about the global outbreak of the coronoavirus?” the maverick radio host quizzed.

Prophets in Ghana are notorious for giving out prophesies on 31st Night Services, mostly about the supposed death of one prominent person or the other. Many church goers have been looking forward to these services to hear what most of these prophets will say. Majority of these prophesies in the past have not been manifested though.

Watch Captain Smart having his take on the 31st Night Prophets, as he called Ghana’s preachers:

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