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5 Top Qualities all Broadcasters must have to be Successful

Article/ Opinion

There have been many outstanding broadcasters from Ghana over the years. On many international platforms, most of these Ghanaian broadcasters have given a good account of themselves. In Ghana, there are currently a lot of outstanding and hardworking broadcasters on our airwaves. But what really make a good broadcaster?

In this article I share with our readers our top 5 characteristics all broadcasters must have in order to excel in their profession.

Communication Skills: This is a must have quality of any broadcaster. To be successful in this noble profession, one must have the ability to write clearly, listen attentively and speak well, whether on air or even in the newsroom/studio and among colleagues. Broadcasters thrive on teamwork and without effective communication, not much can be achieved.

Passion: Anybody aspiring to be successful as a broadcaster must have a great amount of passion for the profession. A good broadcaster must always come across to his viewers and listeners as someone who is deeply immersed in what he or she is doing. Passion for what the broadcaster is doing helps him or her to create a strong connection with his or her patrons, thereby making him/ her very successful. A broadcaster without passion, will not survive on air.

Investigative Skills: Regardless of the area a broadcaster chooses to focus, he or she will need to have strong investigative skills to be successful. Getting the right information from people, digging deep to get to the bottom of a story, ability to ask the right questions at all times are essential qualities a broadcaster must have if he or she desires to be mentioned as one of the best in this trade.

Ability to work under pressure: Broadcasting is always driven by timelines. There are always deadlines to meet. In Ghana, there are over 200 Radio and TV Stations all competing against each other to deliver the relevant news item ahead of the rest. Such is the nature of broadcasting anywhere in the world and the ability for one to meet these strict deadlines and deliver excellent outputs is what distinguishes successful broadcasters from the “also-runs”. One cannot excel as a broadcaster if he or she does not have the ability to excel even under pressure.

Humanity: Broadcasting gets results, and the results are for humanity. The essence of broadcasting is to tell the stories of the Community to bring the needed change. To be successful, a broadcaster must come across as somebody who is empathetic towards the needs of society. He or she must tell the untold stories of the voiceless and use the airwaves to advance the course of the Society.

These are our top 5 characteristics all broadcasters must have. What do you think? What other quality do you think a broadcaster must have to be successful? Please use the comment section below and let the world hear what you think.

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