Married and so what? Men still chase Gifty Anti, 4 years after being married

Despite being married for four years now, astute TV personality Gifty Anti has revealed that men still chase after her.

Recounting one of her experiences in an interview on Joy Prime, the celebrated newscaster revealed that a very respected man sent her a text message encouraging her to cheat on her husband.

“Someone recently sent me a message that if I am ready to cheat on my husband I should know that he is available”

“I just told the person that I will tell my husband about it,” she disclosed.

Gifty Anti advised young women to strive to make the right decisions for their lives all the times, in order not to regret in future.

“You will make mistakes; you will get into wrong relationships but you make sure that you get in there knowing or thinking that you are doing the right thing. Don’t ride on fame to sell yourself short,” Oheneyere Gifty advised.

She added: “I am not perfect…I have been in some regrettable relationships before…It happens but you just have to be careful. Because the most painful thing is for you to try so hard to get to a certain stage and people can say things about you just that they had their way with you. If they had their way with you based on the fact that you thought you were in a relationship, you can forgive yourself. But when you went just for a fling, money or just the thing then you will regret it.”

Gifty Anti is an award-winning journalist and TV personality remembered by many for her sterling career as a newscaster with the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation. At the peak of her career, Gifty was the toast of many a man. In 2015, she married Nana Ansah Kwao IV, a fellow broadcaster with the Multi-media Group. Between them, they have a child.

Despite her being happily married, Gifty Anti’s secret admirers will still not let her be.