“This Nonsense must stop” – Kwame Sefa-Kayi takes on National Security operatives

Astute morning show host, Kwame Sefa Kayi, has taken a swipe at some officials of the National Security over what he described as unnecessary intimidation against innocent Ghanaians.

His outburst comes after an official of National Security pulled a gun on a private motorist at the Spintex road in Accra and threatened to kill him.

The Chairman General, while speaking on his flagship morning show program, ‘Kokrokoo’ on Peace FM Thursday, disclosed that the officer yesterday (Wednesday) intimidated the private motorist under no genuine reasons.

The identity of the officer in question was not immediately revealed but according to the ace broadcaster, he was using a Toyota Landcruiser with registration No. BA 657-17.

He narrated that the private motorist (name unknown) took shots of the security officer over what he suspected was an abuse of traffic regulations.

According to him, the officer, while driving on the Spintex road around 5 pm, unnecessarily blew the siren of the Toyota Landcruiser vehicle he was driving, an act he termed as ‘stupid’.

Sefa Kayi said, the National Security operative upon realizing the man had taken shots of his act, hurriedly turned his vehicle and frightened the man for filming him. He then pulled his gun and threatened “I will shoot you”, said, Sefa Kayi.

“The guy has since been traumatised because no man has pulled a gun on him before”, he disclosed on live radio.

“If this stupidity doesn’t stop, one day, some brave guy will sacrifice himself and fight back”, he cautioned.

Kwame added it was about time some security official learnt how to properly conduct themselves in the public space and rather put an end to the unnecessary intimidations being meted out to innocent citizens.

“So, you have the power to pull a gun on a someone, all because you are a National Security operative? This nonsense must stop”, he fumed on live radio.

Sefa Kayi, however, advised such officers of the National Security to act professionally since according to him: “There are laws regulating the use of sirens in this country. I have not travelled that much, but it’s only in Ghana that we see some of these security officers boasting over their job”.


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