Top Radio Presenter rallies Ghanaians to boycott Election 2020

Joy FM’s celebrated Sports Presenter, Gary Al-Smith has called on Ghanaians to boycott the Presidential and Parliamentary Elections slated for December 2020. His call comes after it was reported in the media that the government of Ghana is planning to build a new Parliamentary chamber at a cost of $200 million, a decision that has so far attracted widespread discontent among Ghanaians.

Writing on his Facebook page, Gary explained that both the ruling government and the main opposition Party are the same and the best alternative will be for Ghanaians to boycott the impending Polls.

“The best thing to do is NOT to vote next year. Both of them, the umbrella and the elephant are just there for themselves” he stated.

The elephant is the official symbol of the ruling NPP and the main opposition Party, the NDC uses the umbrella as its logo.

Below is screenshot of Gary’s post on Facebook.

His post attracted hundreds of reactions and comments from his followers and Ghanaian facebook users.

Gary Al-Smith is a Sports Presenter with the Accra based Joy FM, one of the leading Radio Stations in Ghana. He has also worked for the BBC, CNN and other international broadcasting outlets in the past.

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