Her Excellency! Adom FM’s Afia Pokuaa sets eyes to become Ghana’s First Female President

Ghana has never had a female President nor Vice President since it attained independence from the British over 62 years ago. However, Adom FM’s Afia Pokuaa has dropped hints of changing all that by 2024 or 2028 by becoming Ghana’s first female President.

In a post of her official facebook page on July 1st, Afia Pokuaa, popularly known as Vim Lady added “First female President of Ghana – 2024/2028. Argue with yourself if you don’t understand”.

The post on facebook has so far generated thousands of comments and reactions from the popoular radio presenter’s fans and facebook users.

Afia Pokuaa joined Adom FM, a subsidiary of the Multimedia Group over 10 years ago. She has risen through the ranks to his current position as the News Editor of the predominately Twi speaking radio station.

“What is now proved was once only imagined” is a popular quote from William Blake. Afia Pokuaa’s dream is very achievable if she can put in the required hard work to reach that goal. wishes her the best of luck in her quest to becoming Ghana’s first female President.

What do you think? Is Ghana ready to have its first female President? How do you think “Her Excellency” Afia Pokuaa will do as Ghana’s President in 2024/2028? Hit the comments section and let us hear from you.

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